3-2-1… 2019 :)

We have started our preparations for 2019 season. This year we are going to make some renovations inside the Mistral Bay Steak House. The kitchen will be closer to the tables where you can visit any time to see how your meal is cooking. Colors, decoration and lighting will be handled and be getting renewed. This year also we will make some additions to the kids play garden and the last but not least we will start kareoke sessions every night.

We always trying to do our best since 1990 for all our guests. You only need to relax and enjoy you meal, we all do the rest for you.

How we cook, how you order

Cook each side 2 minutes, turn once only.
Description: Internal very red colour, very moist, red juices.
Touch Test: Very soft to touch

Internal very red colour, very moist, red juices.

Cook each side approx. 3-4 minutes. Turn once only before pink beads of moisture appear on top surface of each side.
Description: Internal lighter red colour, moist, pink juices. 
Touch Test: soft and springy.

Internal lighter red colour, moist, pink juices.

Cook 4-6 minutes each side. Turn once only.
Description: Internal pink red colour, moist, clear to pink juices. 
Touch Test: Firm and springy.

Internal pink red colour, moist, clear to pink juices.

Cook 2-4 minutes each side, then reduce heat and cook a further 4-6 minutes.
Description: Internal stone grey colour, dry, clear or no sign of pink juices.
Touch Test: Very firm to touch.

Very firm to touch.


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